CFMicUp at CFUnited!

Charlie Arehart of Online ColdFusion Meetup fame piped up on the ColdFusion United blog to ask if there would be an open mic night by the pool this year. With that, a thread slowly but surely came to pass and the Thursday night CFMicUp is born!

I’ve volunteered to keep a list of all those willing to perform.  If you will be attending the conference and wish to participate, please either respond to the thread on the CFUnited blog, or respond here using the Contribute Content form. Either is fine, though here might be quicker. As you can imagine, the CFUnited staff is slammed and likely can’t be moderating posts 100% of the time.

It looks like anything goes! Live musical performances, karaoke, standup comedy, etc. There is a good list of gear already being provided, but there is room for more. We need some kind of drums and a bass. Any other instrument you want to bring? Would be cool to have a sax!

I’ve involved myself a lot in the conference this year. My incoming work is flexible, I am local, and I am in the mood to help out and have some fun. When something music related ultimately presented itself, how could I resist? Please join me and participate in this and anything else you can to make what I’m sure the staff is already assuring will be the best CFUnited ever. Notice that there are special Guest Packages that are affordable and offer you access to everything but the sessions. While the sessions are of utmost importance, you can’t go wrong with signing up for a Guest Pass if this is more affordable for you. Networking, Fun, & Friends. Bring your resume, bring your Vuvuzela, bring yourself! (Ok, please pick any other instrument..)



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  1. Sid Wing says:

    Will be providing the Karaoke end of the house! :-)

  2. Thanks for setting this up, looking forward to it!

  3. Josh Adams says:

    There has been talk about a time to set up the gear and check things out. This is wise–but it’s a lot of effort. Charlie Arehart brought up the idea of setting up the gear to provide background music during the ACP/UGM reception Tuesday night and that’s a better idea in that it allows the set up time to go to some direct entertainment purpose but the point of a standard sound check is to mess with levels and stuff–not the kind of thing that’s conducive to being used as background music. So what if we just play background music through my system? We could–but that just tests my system and that’s of very marginal value: I know my system; I don’t need to set it up and test it. And that brings me to this: what is the concern here? My stuff is going to work great and as long as musicians can bring whatever they need to provide me a 1/4″ output from their gear, we’ll be in fine shape. I’m actually very much on the periphery of what this event is supposed to be all about but if it’s supposed to be laid back and fun, can’t we just take it as it comes? It seems to me that this is being made into a rather large production. Vicky is doing great work to coordinate, Sid is doing great work in bringing his karaoke gear, Charlie is doing a saint’s work in driving to my house to get my gear then driving it all the way from Atlanta to DC–I vote we just be happy with the blessing that all that is and just have fun with the rest.

  4. Vicky Ryder says:

    I think it was just to make sure there is enough power and that all the different gear works together ok? I do now know there is definitely one outlet located near the pool side cafe.

    Definitely a laid back & fun informal event, afaic. :)

  5. Vicky Ryder says:

    So far, I have these people listed as performing participants. “Musical” can mean karaoke or grabbing an instrument. Non-specific. Please correct me where necessary.

    Tim C. – musical
    Michael E. – musical
    Scott S. – comedy (working on him. might take buying him beers.)
    Chaz C. – MC & music
    Sid W. – Karaoke DJ
    Josh A. – “At the helm” when available
    Matt G. – Fun #monkehRadio CFMicUp intro (pre-recorded on my iPod. i’ll also have his ColdFusion Playlist and another show we can use for filler as needed.)
    Vicky R. – i’ll have an iPod full of tunes from community developers to play as needed/desired… mainly what i’ve collected from CodeBass contributors, and also the Emergent Collective One community compilation CD. And anyone else who missed either of these projects and wants to send me something.

    Is anyone keeping track of instruments/equipment? Here’s what I’ve managed to glean. Correct as necessary.

    Josh A. / Charlie A.
    * speakers
    * amp
    * mixer
    * 3 wireless mics

    Chaz C.
    * digital mixer
    * laptop

    Sid W.
    * laptop
    * cables
    * drives

    Vicky R.
    * Spirit Steinberger guitar w/ picks, strap, cord
    * 100′ extension cord
    * Power strips
    * Yamaha Bass w/ strap, bass pick, cord

    I’m driving in from MD, so let me know if there might be other stuff I can dig up around here that we’ve not thought about.

  6. Hey Josh, I appreciate you may feel that the ball is rolling faster here and with more energy than you expected. We won’t ask you do to anything more than you can, and lending us the gear is certainly more than we could have expected, so thanks.

    To your points, let me clarify some things since some readers here may not yet have read the CFunited blog entry (and won’t have seen an email I sent to you only).

    First, as for this idea of a night to test things out, it was Sid who first raised that in a comment yesterday on the CFunited blog entry. I’m just trying to facilitate it.

    I hear you saying you trust all your gear will work. Like Vicky has said here, the goal is just to check if all the *other* gear works ok.

    I just didn’t want to have a problem at the last minute on the night of the party leaving us no time to deal with it.

    As for the idea of maybe doing it during the Tues night speaker dinner or ACP/AUG reception, that was something I said only in a private email to you. (I don’t know that the people involved in either would particular want them to have been mentioned at all publicly, but that cat’s out of the bag.)

    I don’t make that clarification about it being a private email to embarrass you in any way (and we know each other well enough that you know that) but I only clarified it here because others reading this will wonder where this idea of practice on Tues during a reception came in.

    Anyway, we certainly don’t NEED to do it then. I only proposed it to you in the private email in case you were going to be also at those event Tues night and may not have otherwise been able to break away. I didn’t really envision it as providing entertainment for those events, more just a sound check. If I conveyed otherwise, forgive me and let’s put that to rest.

    Again, I hate to impose on your time at all, but it is your gear and I thought it wise to get your help if we were going to do any such test night at all.

    I laid out in the CFUnited blog entry some other thoughts on Wed/Thurs testing alternatives if Tues night couldn’t work.

    Of course, we don’t NEED to do any testing at all. You’re right, we could just wing it (No pun intended toward Sid!).

    But it seem we can also try at least something without stressing too much. :-) It may seem to becoming more work than fun, but as a DJ, you know that to make a party fun for the guests does involve prep work by those throwing the party. We’ll take whatever help you can offer and will understand if you can’t offer any for some reason, with various Adobe and personal commitments.

    This thing has definitely taken on a life of its own. As Vicky noted, I simply asked in the other entry if there was going to be an open mic night like last year. I had no real plans of getting involved, but it took off, and it was clear that if it was going to happen, it needed to be done by us in the community, and Vicky took the bull by the horns, and here we are. :-)

  7. I should have said in my first comment above that “the goal is to check that all the other gear works ok, too”, along with this sound gear.

  8. Sid Wing says:

    Sounds like a win all the way around!

  9. Vicky says:

    Would like to see a bass. Tons of devs who play bass. One of em must be coming to the conf. :)

    Reckon we can simulate drums if need be?

  10. Vicky Ryder says:

    Sorry, just approved Mr. Arehart. You should all be free to comment without moderation once approved the first time.

    Yep, just generating some pre-conference buzz so that we can make people aware and get an idea of what to expect. There won’t be any on-site mega fanfare, this being a non-sponsored event.

    Would be a drag to haul in equipment & find nobody wants to participate. Having said that, once the bar opens… someone always wants to participate. :)

  11. Sid, is there anyway we can get a list of the karaoke sings you have?

  12. Vicky, you can call me “Charlie”. :-)

  13. This is great, so much energy towards something entirely outside the tech track, you guys have me even more ramped up for my first CFunited. (I was doing pretty good just with the ColdFusion stuff and what-not!)

    And, this being the last, you are setting the stage for anybody to say or share anything, out loud, before its all said and done. True crowd sourcing ;-)

    As long as we’ve got enough volume, and a few lines in, I think there’s gonna be a heapin’ helpin’ of brainpower around for fixing up the levels on the fly.

    One thought for the musical types, will we be able to get just a little reverb from a mixer, p.a. or amp somewhere in the chain?

  14. Vicky Ryder says:

    I am bringing a tin can for reverb. :)

    Man, the one thing we do not lack is serious MCs, DJs, and sound people. Isn’t that usually the last thing to be found on the fly?

    Several audio magicians and no bass. lol

  15. When I ain’t singing I would be glad to help MC.

  16. @Vicky – how about a bucket, right over the head? even a trash can would do in a pinch.

  17. Vicky says:

    A bass and accoutrements has been added to the list of equip. We own no drums. I cannot bring those. lol

  18. If anybody could happen to lug along a guitar amp – even a tiny one, anything with a line in / line out and some basic drive/reverb – that’d be super duper.

  19. Vicky says:

    Well, wait a sec. A tiny amp will suffice? We have a couple 10W amps here. Mr. Fuzie didn’t think they’d be any good for outside use.

    It will be a lot to bring in, but if the amp on the list isn’t suitable… there’s no point to me bringing in the instruments.

    If a 10W is suitable, then consider yourselves equipped with two 10W amps. :)

  20. Vicky says:

    Correction: 15W. They sound pretty good to me, but we’re not in a large open area right now.

  21. Vicky says:

    So, really, if a couple of 15W amps are ok… and you can talk VWRacer into bringing just the minimum necessary drums from that kit he Twitpic’d… I think we have all we need for an impromptu jam session. Ain’t like we’re trying to setup for Woodstock. :)

  22. Vicky says:

    … and if the 15W suffices, it does have reverb.

  23. Mike Brunt says:

    I will be bringing an Axiom midi controller and Propellerhead Reason on a notebook. Most of my stuff is trancey or ambient.

  24. hey @fuzie does the amp(s) have a “line out” (1/4″ instrument jack on the back)? That’d give us both a boost w/ reverb and the line into the overall PA, would just need an additional instrument cable.

  25. Vicky Ryder says:

    Amp does have a 1/4″ jack. We’ll see if we have a cable. Can’t you fit a cable into your bag? :P

  26. Vicky Ryder says:

    They both have 1/4″ speaker and headphone outs.

  27. So, the question still stands (from the end of the other blog’s comments, which have now petered out in favor of this one): do we want to try to meet in advance, and if so, when.

    I don’t suppose a blog entry is a good place to hash that out, but I’m afraid I can’t give time/thought to a better solution. If anyone else has a better idea, float it.

    I had proposed in that other blog entry that we had Tues evening (though some of us had other commitments we’d need to work around, but may be flexible as they’re receptions). Then we had Wed night, which has the sponsor reception from 7-9, and a couple of BOfs from 9:30-10. Maybe we could do something from 9-10? Or worst case, we just wing it at the start of the pool party and hope all goes well before people start making their way to the pavillion, hopefully not before we actually start broadcasting music. :-)

    I’m startin amy drive up later today (11 hours, some later today, some tomorrow), so will be unable to respond immediately myself.

  28. I am already in dc doing vacation thing with the fam. Mike and I are going to meetup early tues, and work on some original material – a farewell ode to cfunited ” the day cfunited died” – ala Don McLean. Follow me on twitter timcunningham71 to see the lyrics in progress. Feel free add a verse, the more names of folks involve with cfunited the better!

  29. @fuzie re. amps = cool, that should be just fine! (now i just need an acoustic guitar and/or some time w/ that electric, w/ tim and whoever else, sometime between now and thurs evening, if we can)

    sheesh. If not for all those pesky conferences, networking and what-not we could just jam all week ;-)

  30. Vicky Ryder says:

    I’m supposed to be volunteering until 10pm on Tues night. I can do my best to meet with you before 10pm, but I can’t guarantee.

    I will be leaving tomorrow after morning rush hour so should be on-site around lunch time. Depending on what you need from me specifically, I may not need to be there for a 9pm. I could probably leave the volunteer gig just long enough to let you guys grab the equip you need.

    As long as one of you is around to keep it safe, I don’t need to be with it every minute. My only pref is that it not go unattended at any point.

    I gotta run out for a bit. I’ll be checking in here periodically throughout the day. Really looking forward to this! Ready for a good time at CFUnited. :)

  31. I think Tues night might be tough to arrange, with both your other involvement and that of others. We may also have some who don’t get in that night before things start.

    And you’re right, we need to be sure that whenever we do test things, we’re there with it the whole time. And let me tell you: I’ve got a LOT of equipment from Josh, so I don’t want to set it up unless we are for sure going to have people there.

    That leaves only Wed night after the reception, or just before or at the start of the pool party (which starts at 7:30). And though I noted that Chaz couldn’t be there before then, because he was running a BOF from 5:30-6:30, if this Tues night is all that works (and leaves us not having to lug equipment more than once) then maybe that’s best.

    Not too many people piping up about being here for this prep time. We definitely need to know it’s happening if we’re to bother, otherwise again we can just wing it instead on Tues night and hope for the best.

  32. BTW, Vicky, is it that you blog doesn’t send email notifications of new comments to everyone who has commented? That’s a shame (that everyone has to think to come back here, which may explain why some have not piped up more.)

  33. Vicky says:

    I added a plugin that should let you check an option to be notified of followup comments. Hopefully it will work on a thread already in motion.

    Let me verify my schedule with Stellr. Maybe I can break free long enough to gather up with you guys tomorrow (Tues) night. I reckon most people are in transit now. Probably once everyone is checked in, this will all become clearer. A bit last minute… But, I think even if we wind up having to just start rolling into the pool area on Thursday at 6:30pm as we become available, we’ll be fine one way or another. *Something* will work, and if it doesn’t… it wasn’t gonna.

    Charlie, forgive me but I can’t find where you said what time you would be on site. I am pretty sure Michael will be there tomorrow after lunch. Any chance of an early afternoon gathering?

  34. michael evangelista says:

    We will be there stoopid early in the morning, arrive DC about 7 hrs from now. I will be the one with the dark shades, curled up in the corner.

    DM me on twitter and I get it as a text, anybody hit me up anytime.

    I am really excited to see/meet you guys. (If I snore while we’re talking don’t take it personally, just pour some coffee on me and wait a few minutes.)

  35. I am driving up from Atlanta, and I don’t expect I’ll be there before 6, unfortunately (and even that’s if all goes well). I’ll call you when I do arrive.

    Glad to see the new email feature. Thanks. Hope it helps others, too. :-)

  36. michael evangelista says:

    Email notification working great, thanks for adding it!

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