Runtime Expectations

Runtime Expectations is a brand new, live talk show premiering on CodeBass Radio Monday, March 21, at 7pm Eastern.

Adrian Pomilio,  Bucky Schwarz, and yours truly will  talk tech with a beer in one hand and a mic in the other.  We’ll be covering all the aspects of software development that compel us to put a beer in that first hand. Runtime Expectations will be broadcast live from the American Tobacco Campus in Durham, NC, as often as the bitter side of development flares up to the point where only alcohol can extinguish the flames.

You can tweet to @RTExpectations during the show to offer commentary, and we’ll respond.. if we like you.  Also, if we’re taking calls during the show that evening, you can skype us at bengfarrell.

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CodeBass Radio can be accessed via your favorite player, and you can also access the station via the MediaSlurp AIR player.

If you miss the show, that’s okay, we missed you, too.  Our shows will subsequently be offered in podcast format to be accessed using your favorite podcast software, and of course they will be bundled with the other great community podcasts found in the MediaSlurp AIR application. Visit to get your free copy!


Adrian Pomilio
Full time geek, focusing on the web and mobile. Husband, father, and all that good stuff… | twitter: @adrianpomilio


Bucky Schwarz
Bucky Schwarz is a software developer currently living in Durham, NC. He loves JavaScript, music, video games and beer. | twitter: @hoorayimhelping


Ben Farrell
I program UIs and web video during the day, and then play with audio applications at night. Also somewhere in there I try to make games and other applications. My weapons are Flash, Flex….and lately, jQuery | twitter: @bengfarrell


Follow us @RTExpectations or @CodeBass to find out when the next show will be.

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