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As you can imagine, broadcasting from the various community events leaves Codebass Radio with lots of audio in our archives that doesn’t necessarily belong to another established show or podcast. I felt it was about time we start making this available to the community via our own podcast.

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episode 1 – cf.Objective() 2011 Lightning Talks

I’m proud to kick off the Codebass Radio Podcast with the cf.Objective() 2011 Lightning Talks. Thanks to the audio wizardry of Ben Farrell, Codebass Radio seized the opportunity to broadcast the cf.Objective() Lightning Talks live on Thursday, May 12. There were at least 15 community members tuned in to live the moment vicariously through the broadcast. The feedback on Twitter certainly gave us the warm fuzzies, and subsequent replays have also seen approximately 12-15 community members tuned in. Not bad for a fairly platform specific event. With any luck, those who were tuned in from afar have been convinced to join us on-site in 2012!

Considering the first priority of the hotel equipment was to broadcast only to the room, the quality is pretty darn good. You’ll hear a few bangs here and there, as just about any podium movement was picked up like the bass at a Zombie concert. We welcome constructive feedback so that we can continue to improve the quality of these ad-hoc broadcasts. We have no less than 3 more planned events this year so far.

Here is an ordered list of presenters:

3 Nathan Strutz
5 Troy Murray
9 Steven Neiland
10 Anthony Israel-Davis
12 Christopher DeArcangelis

We are certainly enjoying the opportunity to bring more events to the people who can’t otherwise get there. This was an amazing experience for all involved!

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