Daria’s Cheat Sheet – Joseph Labrecque – An Early Morning Letter, Displaced

6/8/2011 – This week’s playlist comes from Joseph Labrecque.  Its a a mix of ambient goth that represents the music he works to and the style of his solo project, An Early Morning Letter, Displaced.

Joseph Labrecque is primarily employed by the University of Denver as a senior interactive software engineer specializing in the Adobe Flash Platform, where he produces innovative academic toolsets for both traditional desktop environments and emerging mobile spaces. Alongside this principal role; he often serves as adjunct faculty, communicating upon a variety of Flash Platform solutions and general Web design and development subjects.

In addition to his accomplishments in higher education, Joseph is the proprietor of Fractured Vision Media, LLC; a digital media production company, technical consultancy, and distribution vehicle for his creative works. He is founder and sole abiding member of the dark ambient recording project An Early Morning Letter, Displaced whose releases have received international award nominations and underground acclaim.

Joseph has contributed to a number of respected community publications as an article writer and video tutorialist and is author of the forthcoming “Flash Development for Android Cookbook”. He regularly speaks at user group meetings and industry conferences such as Adobe MAX, FITC, and D2WC. In 2010, he received an Adobe Impact Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the education community. He has served as an Adobe Education Leader since 2008 and is also a 2011 Adobe Community Professional.

1 Attrition – I am a Thief
2 The Changelings – Flowers Cover Your Eyes
3 L’me Immortelle – Judgment
4 Trance to the Sun – Sleeping with the Natives
5 Aenima – Pale
6 An Early Morning Letter, Displaced – To Lead You Down
7 Attrition – Milano (Auto-Italian)
8 Nachtmahr – Rise And Fall
9 Regenerator – wirklichkeit
10 Black Tape for a Blue Girl – Left, Unsaid
11 Lycia – A Presence In the Woods
12 An Early Morning Letter, Displaced – Waning Flower
13 The Machine In The Garden – Photographic
14 Attrition – The Cage
15 Nachtmahr – Klingen
16 Stoa – My Last Way
17 Faith and the Muse – Dead Leaf Echo
18 L’âme Immortelle – Es tut mir leid
19 Android Lust – Flow (of Impermanence)
20 Sunshine Blind – Delicate Thing
21 This Ascension – Love Lost Years
22 Trance to the Sun – Spider Planet
23 Nachtmahr – Katharsis


6/8/2011 – Joseph Labrecque – An Early Morning Letter, Displaced

6/8/2011 – Joseph Labrecque – An Early Morning Letter, Displaced by Daria's Cheat Sheet on Mixcloud

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