Codebass Radio News – July 25, 2011

one-year anniversary

Howdy, Codebass Radio Community! June 21st marked the one-year anniversary of the original CodeBass project, and August 10th will mark the same for Codebass Radio. We have accomplished a lot this past year, so be looking for a retrospective on Friday that will not only highlight the Codebass Radio team but also demonstrate what a fantastic community this is among which we reside. Until then, we have plenty of recent news to report and have killer events planned through to the end of the year. At least.

updated show schedule

If you haven’t eyeballed the Codebass Radio schedule in a bit, you really should! There have been several new shows added, and there are more on the horizon. You can grab the schedule in Google Doc spreadsheet format, or you can visit the Codebass Radio Show Details page for a more descriptive version. If you want to jump right in and have some fun, click here to listen live. Tweet comments and requests to @codebass

awesomeness to come

Codebass Radio will be broadcasting live from NCDevCon 2011, with a special episode of Runtime Expectations in the works. We will also be broadcasting live from Adobe MAX 2011, with the airing of Tim Cunningham’s CFUnconference Fishbowl being the first event we are prepared to announce. We also have a couple very cool new shows joining the Codebass Radio lineup. Stay tuned!

Broadcasting live at a conference near you.

Broadcasting live at a conference near you.

Register for NCDevCon 2011
Register for Adobe MAX 2011

logo metamorphosis

Designed primarily by the legendary Ben Farrell with input from all, I’m proud to reveal the new official logo of Codebass Radio. The metamorphosis began with the logo for the original CodeBass community project site, with help from my good friend Meagan Frame. In early 2011, all things Codebass Radio outgrew the project site. Codebass Radio was separated out into its own entity in a hurry, at which point Erika Rich helped me slap the revised logo together. Here we are with a shiny new official logo.

Codebass Radio Official Logo

Codebass Radio Official Logo

evolution continues

A good friend once said, “All things need to evolve.” As such, we are incredibly excited to have Matt Gifford, Tim Cunningham, and [all of] James Allen moving over from monkehRadio to officially join the Codebass Radio team, thus bringing community radio to a whole new level.

In addition to their shows, we will also carry on the rebroadcast of CFHour() as part of the existing CBR Tech Talk Blocks and are psyched to announce that the first one featuring Scott Stroz as Dave Ferguson’s new co-host will be aired this Thursday evening. Yes, you heard me right. The larger than life character we know as “Boyzoid”, who did a slammin’ job co-hosting the CFHour() 100th episode at cf.Objective() 2011, will be joining the effort full-time. Be sure to follow @CFHourPodcast, @dfgrumpy, and @boyzoid on Twitter!

about the “new” crew

Stay tuned.

Stay tuned.

james allen

James Allen, an Assistant Manager and best known voice of Codebass Radio, has put heart & soul into CBR this past year in every way from sweeps to scripts. James is a pro-level voice guy and audio engineer. He’s a good friend, a kindred radio soul, and I’m a huge fan of The 80sRewind Show.

Codebass Radio has been simulcasting The 80sRewind Show  from day one, and now I get to promote him and the show to stellar proportions. If you’ve not heard this show, I encourage you to tune in for his big one-year anniversary blowout summer special this Friday. It is a finely choreographed 3 hours of live broadcasting during which James plays hits from the 1980s, as well as movie trailers and television advertisements from that time. He takes requests, also shows live video feed of he and his lovely assistant, Kirsty Lansdell a.k.a. Princess Pickles, and an awesome crew of regular listeners has grown throughout this past year. Be warned.. you won’t get anything else done that afternoon!

James is a skilled developer. He primarily works with CFML, but his portfolio represents a wide array of programming technology. His radio show involves script-intense choreography. Be sure to follow James @CFJamesAllen.

James Allen (@CFJamesAllen)

James Allen is everywhere.

tim cunningham

Tim first appeared on the Codebass Radio scene when he helped us coordinate the CFMicUp which provided music and karaoke during the Adobe pool party at CFUnited 2010. He is well known for his fine homemade brews and his internet radio show, Timmy C & the Geek Chic. Timmy C listeners especially enjoyed a series of hands-on cocktail interviews Tim gave to Rob Brooks-Bilson. Tim excels in this area.

Tim also runs the CFMumboJumbo site which is home to a lot of content that is valuable to the ColdFusion community. He is an Adobe Community Professional, and he is known for his willingness to help out within the community and beyond.

Be sure to follow Tim on Twitter @timcunningham71 and @TimmyCGeek! He’s got some great stuff in the works for himself and Codebass Radio!

Tim Cunningham at CFUnited 2010

Tim Cunningham at CFMicUp 2010

Tim Cunningham

Tim Cunningham of Timmy C. and the Geek Chic

matt gifford

Matt has been heard on Codebass Radio in various forms. He was an early contributor to the Codebass Community Library of Music, and he’s made custom CBR stations IDs and event sweeps. Matt has an impressive technical portfolio. Matt’s blog and RIAForge projects have made life easier on many a developer. The turnout for his sessions, which span a vast array of topics, is high. Matt’s obsession with quality code has manifested itself in a book called Object-Oriented Programming in ColdFusion.

@monkehRadio will thrive in the form of two new Codebass Radio weekly shows. Matt’s geek side will continue to shine through with a Thursday show called “Relational Mapping” which Matt describes as, “a show that generates a playlist of songs each week where everything is connected. The connection could be as complex as artist collaborations, record labels or family ties to something as simple as decade, genre or ‘eats in the same restaurant as…’. The overall show format will take a starting point and come full circle back to the same point via a series of connections, however random and bizarre they may be! It’s time to have some fun and see how everything’s connected!” Also, airing live between Bob’s Basement / Vitamin Sweet and The 80sRewind Show, he’ll be part of a fantastic Friday lineup.

In the near future, the @codebass Twitter account will be powered, in part by Matt’s monkehTweet components. You’ve probably already seen a few tweets in the stream from an application currently called “monkehTweetCBR”.

Matt Gifford On-Air

Matt Gifford (@coldfumonkeh) running the decks.

Teaching Assistant

Adobe MAX 2011 Keynote after Solr Made Easy

Matt Gifford

Be sure to follow Matt @monkehRadio!

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