Runtime Expectations Episode #16 – DevOps and Build Automation with rPath

We kick started Episode #16 with a few announcements. The first being our brand new website: Secondly, we talked about our recent resignation from the Adobe User Group program and our various reasons for doing so.

Adrian mentioned the trouble selling anything but developing for the “open web” to his higher ups, repeating a Forrester article.

After talking about ourselves a fair bit, we let Brad Murphy (@murf80) who runs engineering and Steve Burnett (@steveburnett) the documentation lead talk about rPath.  rPath prides itself for its cloud based build automation solutions.

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Brad Murphy and Steve Burnett of rPath

Brad talked about how their system works, what goes into it, and how quickly they can start get customers setup.

Ben interrupted and back-peddled a little into the conversation to talk good things about a great web debugging tool called Charles Web Debugging Proxy (which hopefully everyone knows about).

We tried to goad Brad into talking smack about Flex and Flash in favor of HTML5 – but he didn’t bite.  He gave some pretty great reasons for sticking with Flex, and went into some detail about it.

Also mentioned was rPath’s various partnerships with Cisco – namely CITEIS and CIAC.

We also just had to make sure we had time at the end to talk to Steve Burnett about his ambient/improvisational looping sound project called Subscape Annex….or as he puts it “soundtracks for movies that don’t exist”.

rPath is currently hiring for a UI developer (Flex), an API developer (Python/Django), and a Professional Services Engineer.  They are located in Raleigh, and are a short walk to the RBC center.

Steve and drop-in guest Jake sitting cautiously back

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