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CodeBass Radio is now streaming 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week! Content is often determined by who’s running the decks and the mood of the listeners. We play everything from Classic Rock to Heavy Metal.. Techno to Trance.. House to Punk. The typical 24/7 unmanned format is all genres of rock.

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Format: House, Techno, Dance, 80s

The 80sRewind Show with James Allen
Mondays, 10am to 1pm Eastern
This is a replay of the popular show heard live every Friday. The regulars who miss it whine so loudly that we finally scheduled in a replay. Yeah, yeah. We heard ya!

Joshua Leone’s House Sessions
Mondays, 1pm and 7pm Eastern
Hosted by Joshua Leone @joshualeone

Joshua plays a diversified and electrifying mix of EDM, Techno, Acid and similar House genres.

DJ Dave Matthias
Mondays, 2pm and 8pm Eastern
Hosted by Dave Matthias @DaveMatthias

We alternate between two shows in Dave’s slot. You can hear “In My House” and “Club City” here!

Processing Directive
Mondays, 3pm and 9pm Eastern
Hosted by Todd Rafferty @webRat
Processing Directive on Twitter: @ProcDirective

Todd features Industrial, Dance and Rock tunes that are rich with bass.

Daria’s Cheat Sheet
Mondays, 4pm and 10pm Eastern
Hosted by Daria Norris @cfGothChic
Daria will feature interview studded playlists each week by DJs and friends who have a particular knowledge and love for early 80s, New Wave, Goth, Industrial, EBM and more. Timeless music and tons of Wednesday fun!


Format: Blues, Deep Classic Rock, Funk

Cantus Maximus
Tuesdays, 11am Eastern
Hosted by Steve Withington @CantusMaximus
A show full of blues and down home rock and roll!

TimmyC & The Geek Chic
Tuesdays, 12pm Eastern
Hosted by Tim Cunningham @TimmyCGeek
Tim does an hour of variety that includes music, comedy, and interviews with pro-level makers of moonshine. Swing Dance is a favorite!


Format: Indie Music and Cover Tunes

Bob’s Basement and Vitamin Sweet Replays
Wednesdays, 10am Eastern

Bob’s Basement was created by Bob Silverberg @elegant_chaos & @BobsBasementCBR
Remember hanging out in your friend’s basement where everyone would sit back on the old sectional, the needle would hit the vinyl and you’d be transported somewhere else. Bob Silverberg remembers those days, and he does his part bring a touch of that back.

Vitamin Sweet was created by Bob Silverberg @elegant_chaos and Brian Rinaldi @remotesynth
Here’s your chance to keep on top of recent releases from bands both new to the scene and longtime favorites. Look for songs that earn the “Double-B Seal of Approval”!

Shark Attack!
Wednesdays, 1pm Eastern
Hosted by Ben Farrell @bengfarrell
Join Ben Farrell as he goes out and taps music blogs, radio stations, and the kitchen sink for new music all delivered via public feeds and for free on the internet. Ben puts the blood in the water, lets you listen, and offers up download links for every free track he plays. Ben tends to like up and coming indie tracks, whatever the genre.


Format: Alternative Rock

Thursdays, 10am Eastern
Hosted by Matt Woodward @mpwoodward or @altstarradio
All alt all the time! On this show you’ll find things such as “Open Source music” and “Geek Rap”. The first show consisted of Brad Sucks, Them Crooked Vultures, The Joy Formidable, and MC Frontalot. Matt knows his music. Don’t miss it!

Scatter Brains
Thursdays, 11am Eastern
Hosted by Brandon Culpepper @bsculpepper
Brandon adds to the supreme coolness that is Codebass Radio Thursday with an aptly named show. Simply put, an hour scattered with great tunes! Find bands such as Old 97s, Reverend Horton Heat, White Denim and more.

A Cerium Gist
Thursdays, 12pm Eastern
Hosted by Jim Priest @thecrumb
Jim maintains a vast collection of the best guitar music, and he’s carefully selected an hour’s worth to bring a metallic sheen to your Thursdays.

The BFG Show
Thursdays, 7pm Eastern
Hosted by Adrian Pomilio @adrianpomilio
The BFG Show on Twitter: @BFGShow
The energetic Adrian plays killer classics and shoots the breeze a bit to prepare you for the weekend ahead.

a little bit extra


Format: 80s, Rock

The BFG Show
Fridays, 12pm Eastern
This is a replay of the previous night’s live show.

The 80sRewind Show with James Allen
Fridays from 1pm to 4pm Eastern
Hosted by James Allen @CFJamesAllen
The 80sRewind Show (#80sRewind) is a community craze. Join James Allen as he plays music from the 1980’s Billboard top 1000 charts. It also features original movie trailers, TV show themes and classic commercials from each year of the decade, giving the effect of an all out 1980s time machine! James pours his heart and soul into bringing you 3 hours of pure listening joy each week. It is a very interactive show and the community loves it.

On Hold With Matt & Jesse
Thursdays, 6:30pm Eastern
Hosted by Matt Ryan and Jesse Switzer @shitzer66

After years of calling in to other radio shows, Matt and Jesse finally got their own!

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a little bit extra

Random Live Events of All Kinds
Stay tuned for surprises here and there. There are often impromptu appearances by our team, and we’ve made a habit of broadcasting live from conferences, concerts and other events!

CFHour() Podcast
Regularly broadcasted live from tech events around the country.
Hosted by:
Dave Ferguson / @dfgrumpy
Scott Stroz / @boyzoid
CFHour() Podcast on Twitter: @CFHourPodcast
We replay the most recently released episode of this podcast which covers the latest in Adobe web technology.