Bob’s Basement

Wednesdays at 10am Eastern

You remember hanging out in your friend’s basement? You’d go down there after school, and on the weekends, and you’d chill out and listen to tunes. You’d have your favourites that you’d listen to, but as often as not someone would pull out a new record for everyone to check out. Maybe it was something they’d just picked up at the local record store, or maybe something from their collection that hadn’t seen the stylus in awhile. Everyone would sit back on the old sectional, the needle would hit the vinyl and you’d be transported somewhere else.

You’d close your eyes and listen as the sound waves did their thing to you. Sometimes they’d delight, sometimes they’d annoy, and every now and then they’d turn you onto a new band or disc that would stay with you for years to come. Often for the rest of your life.

I remember those days, and I’m going to do my part to bring a touch of that back. Join me every other Friday from 10:00am Eastern time, on CodeBass Radio for a trip down those stairs and allow me to spin some tunes for you. Some may be familiar to you, a lot will not be. I hope that you’ll enjoy them, and maybe discover some new stuff that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

This show is no longer in production, but an extensive library spanning 2+ years allows us to replay it.

Bob has been with the CodeBass Core Team since March 2011!