Extreme Podcasting

This show is to podcasting what Twitter is to blogging. Short, sweet, and to the point. With Tim Cunningham’s BoltTalks, if it can’t be said in under 15 minutes, it doesn’t need to be said!

Tim Cunningham's BoltTalks

Tim Cunningham's BoltTalks

Each show will consist of one interview on one tech topic, and each show will involve a mix of different guests and co-hosts with Tim leading the way.

This is the perfect podcast alternative for people who are simply too busy to keep up with anything longer in duration. Needless to say, it is also wonderful for anyone with attention deficit issues and nerve attenuation syndrome.

Try This BoltTalk:
Mark Mandel on Leveling up from a coder to a software architect.

If you dig the format, be sure to subscribe to the rest at the official BoltTalk website.

To read more about the concept, to subscribe to the feed, or to find out how YOU can be involved in future shows, visit the BoltTalks site at

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