Shark Attack

Wednesdays at 1:00pm Eastern

Join Ben Farrell (@bfarrellforever) as he goes out and taps music blogs, radio stations, and the kitchen sink for new music all delivered via public feeds and for free on the internet.

Ben puts the blood in the water, lets you listen, and offers up download links for every free track he plays.

Ben tends to like up and coming indie tracks, whatever the genre. It’s way too hard and expensive to get an afternoon’s worth of free tracks (for you or Ben), so we do the next best thing – scout the feeds, and offer up the links. Mr. Farrell will also briefly introduce the feed source every several songs so you know what feeds you like and what you dont!

Ben has been with the CodeBass Core Team since day one!

Check out Ben’s video series, “Sweatin’ To The Web”. Those of you who have attended Ben’s speaking engagements over the last year will especially enjoy and appreciate these! Also visit the official home of “Sweatin’ To The Web”!