80sRewind Show

hop into the magic time machine!

Fridays at 1pm Eastern

The 80sRewind Show (#80sRewind) is a shit hot community craze. Join James Allen as he recreates the texture and atmosphere of the decade by playing music from the 1980’s top 1000 charts along with other fantastic tunes and provides random interesting facts about the decade.

The 80sRewind Show also features original movie trailers, TV themes and classic commercials from each year of the decade, giving the effect of an all out 1980s time machine! He also runs seasonal specials such as The Big Game Special, The Anniversary Show, Summer Spectacular, Thanksgiving Special, The Halloween Special and the big Christmas Special. Not to mention his yearly features such as Action Heroes of the 80s, Action Cartoons of the 80s, Montage Moments, Italo Disco, Mister T and much more…

James pours his heart and soul into bringing you 3 hours of pure listening joy each week. It is a very interactive show and the community loves it. Tune in Monday’s at 10am Eastern to hear a replay of the previous Friday’s live show.


James has been with the CodeBass Core Team since day one!