CodeBass Radio is a community-driven radio station built by geeks for geeks. Our team is comprised of developers, designers, audiovisual engineers and other talented professionals. While categorized here by primary focus, collaboration often requires role reversals. This is quite simply an amazing core team of volunteers. 

Tami Burke
Tim Cunningham
Jason Dean
Dave Ferguson
Joshua Leone
Jason Levine
Tarja Petrell
Adrian Pomilio
Jim Priest
Todd Rafferty
Brian Rinaldi
Bob Silverberg
Steve Withington
Matt Woodward

In-House Voice & Audio Production Engineers
James Allen
Jason Levine
Matt Woodward

IT Resources/Industry Consultants
Michael Evangelista
TJ Downes
Joseph Labrecque
Erika Rich
Adam Tuttle

Station Manager
James Allen

Senior Producer
Ben Farrell

Owner / Executive Producer
Vicky Ryder